Friday, November 24, 2006 So many pictures! I started traveling the world in 1962 when I went to the university and traveled around in Mexico for ten weeks. Being a teacher, I had breaks during spring and summer holidays. Unfortunately, so many of my pictures are still on slides or are in books and have not been scanned. So I'm going to put up some that have and some digital and other random pictures that strike my fancy.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


A.T.A.C, originally uploaded by ujima.

Avenging the Ancestors Coalition
July 3, 2007
Eulogies were read by childrenfor the nine
enslaved Africans who were kept in bondage
in the President's House by George
Black helium balloons were released
from nine coffins to symbolize their freedom.

Approaching the Rally

Approaching the Rally, originally uploaded by ujima.

Stood with the group for the 5th year across
from the Liberty Bell Center and the site of the
President's House where George Washington
held nine enslaved Africans.

News articles

News articles, originally uploaded by ujima.

They tell of the progress made over the years
to have the federal government properly
commerate Washington's enslaved people.
As I talked with tourists, they said they
didn't know Washington had slaves. I told
them to go across the street to look at the site.

Rhyming Signs

Rhyming Signs, originally uploaded by ujima.

The signs were clever!


signs2, originally uploaded by ujima.

George Washington's slavery hell
at the Liberty Bell


signs3, originally uploaded by ujima.

America's first White House
was a slave outhouse


signs4, originally uploaded by ujima.

The nine are free
and so are we!

to the President's House

to the President's House, originally uploaded by ujima.

here in Philadelphia on Market (then High)

house plan

house plan, originally uploaded by ujima.

as discovered by the excavation


platform, originally uploaded by ujima.

You can go up and then look down to see the
foundation of the house, the outline of the bow
window and kitchen and the passageway the
enslaved used to pass from the kitchen to the
main house.

Liberty Bell Center

Liberty Bell Center, originally uploaded by ujima.

As you can see, the President's House is next
to where the Liberty Bell Center is. Tourists
will be able to see symbols of slavery and


excavation, originally uploaded by ujima.


excavation2, originally uploaded by ujima.


Hercules, originally uploaded by ujima.

He was Washington's cook.He eventually fled
to freedom. Washington could only keep the
slaves ibn Philadelphia for 6 months after which,
they would be free. So he would *rotate* the people
back to virginia before the six month period
so that they would remain enslaved.

Bow window

Bow window, originally uploaded by ujima.

It is thought that the bow window inspired
the Oval Office in the Washington, DC White House.

Future plan

Future plan, originally uploaded by ujima.

for the memorial to the enslaved peoples.
The task we have now is to have them put
a glass floor over the excavation site and
not cover it up as they want to do.